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Tommy Wonder Two Cups Routine Inspired Bag Set



The bag set inspired by Tommy Wonder two cups routine, the bag set consists of

  • 1  x  Velvety bag set with drawstring and magnetic claps (L 20mm x W 16mm)
  • 1  x  Large Pom Pom Ball with magnetic claps (50mm – 56mm)
  • 3  x Working Pom Pom balls (any choice of pom pom on our website) (25mm-33mm)

The measurements of the cups that best to be used with this Tommy Wonder Bag set (Standard Set) are as below:

  1. The diameter of the mouth of the cup in cm/ mm/inches : 8.3cm/83mm/3 1/3″
  2. The diameter of the bottom of the cup in cm/mm/inches : 6.5cm/65mm/2.5″
  3. The height of 1 cup in cm/mm/inches : 8.3cm/83mm/3 1/3″
  4. The height of the 2 cups stacked on top of each other in cm/mm/inches :11.5cm/115mm/4.5″

For cup’s measurement differ from the standard cups, kindly provide us with your own cup’s measurement for free customization on the pom pom balls and velvety bag.

How to get the measurement for your cups:

  1. Trace the mouth and bottom of cup on a piece of paper


2. Stacked your cups and measure the height of 2 Cups ( As this is the measurement for tailored  Velvet Bag)


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